This is a selection of my work in portraiture.  All are painted using oils on canvas.  For most of the paintings, I personally met the sitter and then worked from photographs; for a few, I worked solely from photographs sent digitally to me.

If you would like a portrait commissioned, I am more than happy to arrange to meet with you to discuss requirements.  If available, I would be able to bring example portraiture in differing sizes for you to assess,  Alternatively, you could send an email, attaching a photograph, and I can suggest styles and sizes, including prices by return.

I am keen to involve my clients in the whole painting process and am happy to send update photos showing you how the commission is progressing from time to time.

I am also happy to paint in a range of different styles from almost photographic to portrait where the brush strokes are more evident. Look at the various styles below and look at my Instagram account for the latest additions.


This is reasonably large portrait (88cm x 62cm framed) and was painted with oils on linen canvas using an alla-prima method with a large brush.  It has an organic feel as every brushstroke can be seen on the finished piece. It was recently shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2017.


This was taken from a photograph on a mobile phone which was emailed to me.  I know Athena and was happy to work from the material.  It too is painted with oils on a 50cm x 40cm linen canvas.

Norika and Emma

This is a double portrait 50cm x 40cm in a landscape profile from a photograph, although I do know one of the sitters.  It is painted in a more photographic style to the customer’s requirements.

Sharing Stories

This is a 50cm x 40cm oils on linen canvas, taken from a photograph but edited for the two characters to fit onto the canvas.  The style is ‘looser’, more impressionist, with obvious paint strokes and a slightly more playful use of colour.


This was painted from a photograph in an alla prima method, using wet paint layered onto previously wet paint.  The impression gives life to the portrait and shows something of the character of the sitter.

Mike and Lyn

This was painted after meeting the couple and taken from a photograph.  It is an oils on linen canvas of 50cm x 40cm.  Although the brush strokes are evident and colours varied, the overall impression is almost photographic, in line with the clients’ wishes.


This was painted as a demonstration during the Bucks Open Studios Event this year.  Oils on linen canvas.  My dad! Taken from a photograph.