Below you’ll find a selection of landscape (and sometimes cityscape) work. As with my portraiture, all are painted using oils on canvas.  Most of the paintings are of places I have been to photograph, although a growing number are commissioned by way of a photograph being sent electronically to me for painting.

If you would like a similar landscape / citscape commissioned, I am more than happy to arrange to meet with you to discuss requirements.  You could send an email, attaching a photograph, and I can suggest styles and sizes, including prices by return.

I am happy to paint in a number of styles.  If you would like a more photographic representation of your photograph, that can be arranged.  Alternatively, landscape lends itself to painting with a free, more impressionist style using thicker paint (impasto) or with a palette knife.


This is an oil on linen painting for which I used a photograph taken by my daughter.  The paint is added in a semi-impressionistic style which is intended to give life to the scene and an interest to anyone studying it, as the image takes form, becoming increasingly realistic as one moves away from the canvas.


This was taken from a photograph from a visit to Tuscany in Italy.   It too is painted with oils on a 50cm x 40cm cotton canvas.

Cornwall Sunset

This was taken from a photograph by Andy @Photohello and painted using palette knife only in one sitting – alla prima

Three Boats Abandoned

This too was taken from a photograph of three abandoned fishing boats on the Isle of Mull.  It was a bright day but storm clouds were evident over the mainland (across the water).  It is painted with brush and palette knife.

Seaside View

This is a triptych and was, unusually, not painted from a photograph.  It was painted from my imagination and shows a coastal fishing village at dusk.  It was painted with an impasto effect using palette knife and has a lovely texture to it, reflecting light in unusual ways.  To commission something similar, just tell me the sorts of colours you would like to match your room and I’ll create something for you.  The cost would be in the range of £200-£400 total for the three paintings.