Mark Stallwood – Artist in Oils

Images created in oils from life or your photos


I love painting portraits.  Sometimes I initiate a painting from life and then continue it with the assistant of photographic images.  Other times, I will take a photograph and not meet the subject.  You can see from the wide variety of portraits in my gallery that I don’t favour a particular style.

I started painting portraits many years ago and love the challenge of creating not only a likeness of the sitter, but also something of the person’s character.  I also love the process of painting in oils and have studied many of the great masters from Flemish Primitives such as Jan van Eyck through Renaissance artists such as Caravaggio leading on to the free brush strokes of the French Impressionist and the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. My influences are many and varied and you can see them borne out in many of the brushstrokes of my various pieces.


Many of my paintings are not portraits and I’ve classified these as landscape although that is a rather loose term.  Some paintings are specifically landscape and others more cityscape.  Some are just scenes from within cities which either myself or my daughter have photographed.  Everything I paint is a real place or a real situation which has a story to tell.

Moments in Time

I love these small paintings.  I use photographs of real people in real places doing real things.  I take the photographs and then paint the scenes onto canvas board 20cm square.  The style is modern with free brush strokes and small enough to be hung anywhere in your home.  I create these paintings regularly and all of the ones which you can see on this website of on my Instagram page would have been for sale.  If you like a particular painting and it is already sold but would like you own original, I am happy to be commissioned to recreate it once more for you.  I will have it framed too.

The Artist – Mark Stallwood

Who am I?

I have always been able to capture a likeness and essence of a subject, working in the early days in pencil before moving on to oils.  From painting murals to portraiture of my family and friends, I enjoy the organic process of placing and mixing oils and seeing how they interact on the canvas.  The enjoyment of seeing a finished piece or art combined with the (sometimes) nervy process of its creation, is a true pleasure.  Whether I paint portraits, smaller pieces or landscapes, the process of discovery is the same…I hope that you enjoy seeing some of my work.

How do I paint?

As with most artists, I have a variety of techniques which I use and each painting is different.  I enjoy painting in a fairly loose style with the brush strokes evident on the finished canvas.  I believe that this gives the painting an organic feel.

Depending on the subject, I can create a more ‘realist’ painting; however, the free approach will still be evident to the eye.

On more impressionist pieces of artwork I use palette knives combined with brushes to create a more textured (impasto) effect.

I have no hard and fast rules as to how I paint.  Sometimes an alla prima technique is used and wet layers of paint are placed on top of each other; other times, the paint is allowed to dry between applications.  It all depends on the finish required and the piece being created.

I am happy to discuss different techniques as part of a commissioning process.